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This web page was designed for my final project in my Police Ethics and Civil Liability class. I am a senior at California State University, Stanislaus, majoring in criminal justice.

Police Canines was created and is mainainted by OneAdidasFan.

This page is dedicated to Edo. Killed in the line of duty, Edo was a California San Joaquin County Sheriff's K-9.
You can read more about Edo here.

K-9 Edo

K-9 Rudy

The star of this page is Rudy. A San Joaquin County Sheriff's K-9 as well, all canine pictures in PCL are of Rudy.
You can read more about Rudy here.

Special thanks goes out to Little Willow for her help in creating this site!

All text, pictures, and images contained within Police Canines are copyright OneAdidasfan,
with the exception of the Edo and Rudy cards, which are © SJ County Sheriff's Dept.
Articles featured in PCL are © the Associated Press, APB News, USA Today, The Washington Post,
The Brandenton Herald, Airman Magazine, and CNN.
Most of PCL's logos were created by


This site was created on 12.5.99 and is still

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