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Police Canine Related Articles

"SWAT Officer Kills Police Dog" - APB News, - 3.14.00

"As Attacks on Police Animals Rise, the Campaign to Seek Protection Also Intensifies" -
      Los Angeles Times, 2.28.00

"Belleville's Police Dogs to Get Bulletproof Vests" - Associated Press, 2.27.00

"Police Dog Persuasive" - The Houston Chronicle, 2.7.00

"An Unbreakable Bond Between Cop and K-9" - The Brandenton Herald, 2.7.00

"Truck Crash Ends 2-Hour Police Chase...Suspect is Captured After Allegedly Beating
      Police Dog" - Los Angeles Times, 2.4.00

"Police Dog Abducted and Killed - APB News, 1.24.00

"Dog Dies After Biting Into Drug Bag" - Associated Press, 12.1.99

"Drug Sniffing Dog Dies of Overdose" - APB News, 12.1.99

"Bill Would Protect Police Dogs and Horses" - Associated Press, 10.12.99

"Top Dog Charlie Retires After a Career Sniffing Out Trouble" - USA Today, 9.24.99

"The Escaped Killer Was Surprised..." - Philadelphia Inquirer, 9.2.99

"Police Dog's Skill Proves Fatal" - APB News, 8.6.99

"Girl Mounts Drive for Bulletproof Dog Vests" - APB News, 6.21.99

"FBI Probing Canine Unit; Lawsuits Recount Attacks By Pr. George's Police Dogs" - The
      Washington Post
, 4.1.99

"Canine Cops Get Bulletproof Vests" - APB News, 3.9.99

"Deputy Ready to Take a Bite Out of Crime" - Post-Gazette, 2.10.99

"N.J. Stiffens Penalties for Police Dog Killers" - APB News, 2.2.99

"Sheriff Dogging Parking Lots" - APB News, 1.24.99

"New Jersey Aims to Protect Police Dogs" - APB News, 12.18.98

"Dynamutt: Wet-Nosed Corps Sniff Out Bombs at Nation's Airports" - Airman Magazine - 3.98

"Fighting Crime: It's a Dog's Life For Some Officers" - St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 5.19.97

"Retired Federal Dogs" - CNN Chicago, 4.4.97


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